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BPF Women’s Network holds dinner for Advisory Council

The BPF Women’s Network held its first meeting and dinner for women on the Advisory Council on 28th May in Mayfair. The meeting brought together women from various sectors and levels of seniority to discuss how professional Pakistani women can inspire further achievement for other professional women.

The working dinner was hosted by BPF Chairman, Asif Rangoonwala. Also in attendance were BPF’s new CEO Ahmereen Reza, as well as Saira Awan-Malik and Ahlya Fateh, the founding members of BPF’s Women’s Network.

The evening commenced with networking followed by an invitation from Ahmereen Reza for the women to mark the beginning of a movement whereby they, as the British Pakistani diaspora, would have a say on how BPF is to move forward. Asif Rangoonwala endorsed this with an overview of BPF and the areas which the Advisory Council can help develop the aims of the organisation. He described his vision for BPF being akin to a computer, where the BPF is the hardware and the support and initiatives by the diaspora are the computer programmes.

The Advisory Council consists of women from all industries and present at the dinner were directors from GSK, journalists such as Fifi Haroon, Councillor Rabia Bhatti and Nikki Hubbard from the Metropolitan Police.


You can find pictures from the event here

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The BPF Women’s Network had an incredibly successful year with a networking event on 17th September 2013 at the Lansdowne Club in London and the first Inspirational Women’s Speaker Series event in December. We were overwhelmed by the many successful women who joined us to hear our speakers at both events and look forward to more events like this in the future.

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